Enagic Proudly Introduces the E8PA Resort and Training Center Facility Pass!

Yet again, another difference about the company you belong to; ENAGIC! Our very own, exclusive memebers-only Resorts and Training Facility in Okinawa, Japan. Imagine how much you'll enjoy a few days relaxing here, training here, playing golf here, louging in the hot spa here, and making great friends here!

So it's time to get you E8PA (ENAGIC 8 Prosperity Associaotion) member's card. Hop in soon! You'll receive discounts based on the card level you buy and it's good for one year so you know you'll be heading to gorgeous Okinawa to discover the Real story behing Enagic within that year.

As with Enagic, there's a commission attributable towards your own purchase of the E8PA card (you buy it under yourself) and what's more, it counts to build your volume (counts just like a device!). Yep, if you're a 3A, you'll earn 3 commission points on your purchase of the E8PA card. The system is pass up meaning if team partners in your organization purchase their E8PA are and you (gasp!) dont\s have yours, you get PASSED UP! We are NOT gonna let that happen, right?

So get YOURS today. We look forward to getting your submissions to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

e8pa card

e8pa card 2nd

What's this new E8PA (Enagic 8 Prosperity Association) program all about?

Consider it the epitome of Mr Oshiro's passion for Your success in Enagic. He decided this members-only program to assist you in making the trek to Okinawa to fully invest within yourself the proper and empowered understanding of the Mission of Enagic. It's really amazing.

Here's how it works:

Your first need to purchase one of a variet of Member Level Cards, ranging from Bronze to Black. Depending on the level of the card you purchase, you'll receive discounts on activities while in Okinawa. Can you imagining playing golf, louging in the hot spa, enjoying the beaches, undergoing training or dining at one of the many Enagic Restaurants?

You'll also receive a generous commission on the purchase of your members card because only You can purchase it A  member. There's no way for another distributor to "sell" you a members card.

You'll also receijve mileage points on your purchase. These points accumulate to be redeemed right before the annual convention. At 100 to 1, your points are intended to support your eventual trip to Japan. The goal is for you to powerfully visualize yourself at the birthplace of Enagic and to make that trip a reality!

By visiting Okinawa, you'll come face to face with the Real Mission of Enagic: spreading True Health to every single family aroundn the globe. This means the Deep missions of Enagic and entails the mastery of the Triple Health Formula: True Bodily Health, True Financial Fitness and True Relationship Health.

Of course you'll have questions and we look forward to helping answer those. for now we can say focus on your trip to Ennagic, it's about you making that trip such that you get the magic of Enagic within you.

We welcome your inclusion in this elite members only program. Connect with us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  soon!

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