Business Opportunity

Many Ways to Earn Income

Enagic's unique compensation plan makes it very attractive for you to become a distributor. There are numerous ways in which you can create a stream of income with Enagic, including:

  • - Direct Sales Commission
  • - Override Commission
  • - Educational Allowance
  • - Monthly Incentive
  • - Quarterly Incentive
  • - Title Incentive
  • - Global Leadership Incentive and many more.

By building a team of passionate distributors you can increase your sales and access new commission rates, bonuses and awards.


Enagic's dynamically designed compensation plan, which offers you several different ways of earning income, is truly exciting for distributors.


Enagic makes it really easy for you to start and grow your distribution business. This patented system is different from others in the marketplace for its unique characteristics which include:

- No sign-up fee

- No monthly qualifications*

- No stocking of inventory

- No annual renewal

- No time limits

- Accumulative sales

- International sponsoring

  • * No monthly qualifications! However, for the 6A+ awards, some qualifications apply.