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CEO Seminar And Global Recognition Ceremony (Dusseldorf)

Event Dusseldorf 20170723

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Dusseldorf 6A2-3 Meeting

6A2-3 Dusseldorf 20170723

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Japan Marketing News & Data

Japan Marketing News & Data conduct an investigation on 2016 Sept - 2017 Mar, for "The 12th Water Purifier/ Water Conditioner/ Water Activator marketing that without shop survey", SD 501 was listed 1st of the montly sales. The sales of 1st SD 501 compare to 2nd is about 3 times more, and within the 10th products, 3 of Enagic products occupied the Top 10th position.


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Global 6A Meeting

global 6A meeting

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Sri Lanka change territory

Please take note that Sri Lanka change to Singapore territory, effective from 1st May 2017.

The following are the job allocation details:

Enagic Singapore will process order, register ID# starts from 11801000 and ship out machine.

Enagic Hong Kong will pay margin and bonus on behalf of Singapore.